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  Joystick Handles
A Joystick Handles

Handle for JC150, JC1500 & JC6000

This option is designed to meet the demands for more complex control systems in off-highway applications. The ‘A’ range of ergonomic multifunction hand grips can be fitted with a combination of analog outputs, push button and ‘Person Present’ switches. The handle can be supplied with two independent analogue outputs generated
by proportional rockers which, in turn, provide auxiliary directional switching in addition to the potentiometric output.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Wide range of switch options
  • Deadman or Person Present Option
  • Up to 4 Axes of control
  • to 8 switch positions
  • Handle Options

    CL-EL Joystick Handles

    CL / EL
    Handle for JC2000, JC3000

    Developed to improve the integrity of your control system, the Centre Lock (‘CL’) and End Lock (‘EL’) handles provide a mechanical safety lock – eliminating unwanted movement of the lever.

  • Adds a 3rd axis of control
  • With or without switch
  • Precise control
  • Switch colour option
  • Handle Options

    HKN Joystick Handles

    Handle for JC1500, JC150, JC6000

    The ‘HKN’ handle is the simplest option available. This handle does not include any additional functionality, but is designed to allow the joystick to be controlled by the operator gripping the handle, palm downwards.


    MG Joystick Handles

    Handle for JC1500, JC150, JC6000

    This option is designed to provide a simple approach to a ‘Person Present’ handle. The ‘MG’ range can be supplied with or without an operators hand rest and can be configured with a combination of momentary action button or rocker switch on the top of the handle, with
    a trigger switch at the front of the hand grip.


    ZA Joystick Handles

    Handle for JC400

    The ‘ZA’ and ‘ZAS’ handles are designed to give an additional axis of proportional or switched control, using fingertip action to rotate the handle.The handles have a self-centring action when released, and rotate about their centre, giving either analogue output with switched reference signals (‘ZA’ or ‘ZA2’) or end of travel switching
    only (‘ZAS’).

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