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The Capabilities of Control Devices Engineering!

HR Series

Control Devices is proud to present a short video presentation demonstrating the capabilities of our Engineering team. 

If you would like to discuss your specific custom design requirements please do not hesitate to contact us at or 1800 266 876
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Curtiss-Wright Introduces New Family of Rotary Position Sensors

HR Series

The NRH271 and NRH272 family of no-contact, Rotary Position Sensors offers the optimal combination of performance, safety and cost. All variants utilise proven Hall-effect sensing technology and are accommodated in a low-profile housing with a compact footprint.

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AV security pushbutton switches suitable for 250VAC


HR Series

The AV series is a wide range of pushbutton switches that offers the same robustness and aesthetics you’ve come to expect from APEM. Tested and qualified for impact resistance and sealing - IP and IK levels, these switches withstand all types of adversity (rain, frost, UV, vandalism) while offering a modern and stylish design.

For increased operator safety, APEM’s AV series includes 3 new models approved to EN 61058-1 (NF/CE standard), that can switch a 250VAC current. The EN61058-1 approval is essential in all applications linked to the operation of consumer equipment such as light fixtures and devices.

The design of the AV 250V models has been specifically adapted to meet the requirements of the EN61058-1 standard:

  • Minimal distance between contacts and housing
  • Adapted case length to ensure correct creepage distance
  • Self-extinguishing and/or flame retardant material with high insulating power


The new AV 250V combines consumer safety and protection with a compact, stylish design.

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New Non-Contacting Paddle Joystick from Curtiss-Wright

HR Series

The JC1200 is a stylish, non-contacting paddle joystick offering precise fingertip control.

This new joystick utilizes non-contacting, Hall-effect sensing technology for long-life integrity of the output signal. Operating feel has been an important part of this new development to make this unit as smooth and easy to operate as possible throughout the 25 million cycle life.

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APEM Expands its Range of Anti-Vandal Switches

HR Series

Just as visible, even more robust!

APEM expands its range of anti-vandal switches with a new larger dameter pusbutton (30mm). Durable enough to withstand abuse.

Tested and qualified to IP and IK levels

Made of resistant materials

designed to endure all types of adversity

APEM Membrane switch panels

HR Series

APEM's ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified factories allow them to supply high quality membrane switch panels that meet the requirements of demanding applications. 
APEM switch panels offer switching functions that enhance the final product with a tailored, decorative appearance.  The switch panels can be directly connected to the electronic equipment by a flexible tail termination consisting of several layers of polyester and adhesive.

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Coming soon: Blackwater Liquid Level Sensor

HR Series

Following significant customer demand at Seawork and METS 2014, Gill have adapted their capacitive liquid level sensing technology to cope with the demands of black water tank level measurement.

Customers reported that current market solutions have a tendency to block or accumulate a build-up of substance which ultimately leads to incorrect reporting of tank level. The Gill solution provides a single solid probe with a smooth non-stick coating ensuring that the tank level is always reported accurately and reliably.

The Blackwater Liquid Level Sensor is in its final stages of development and will be the newest in Gill’s long line of innovative solutions for challenging applications.



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HR series proportional thumbwheel launched

HR Series

APEM has released its HR series proportional output thumbwheel, a new patented solution to equip the handles and remote controls used in agriculture, construction, handling or road maintenance.

Sealed to IP68, the HR series has been designed to prevent dust, humidity, hy,drocarbons, salt spray and ultraviolet light from disrupting the functioning of the equipment (including the risk of actuator jamming). The electronics, with EMI/RFI shielding, are sealed with epoxy.

A unique design on the market, the HR series Hall effect thumbwheel is ergonomically designed for precise and fatigue-free operation. With a mechanical life of over 1 million cycles, the polyamide wheel (in optional colours) is available with a sprung-to-centre or centre detent option and has four different actuator styles.

The rear panel mounted thumbwheel has a supply voltage of 5VDC (+/- 0,5V) and features an LED backlighting option (6VDC 10mA supply). HR series comes with a multiwire lead (AWG28) and a polyester Molex 0510210700 connector. The HR series thumbwheel is now available from Control Devices.


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APEM launches fully illuminated 30mm pushbutton


APEM recently launched its FP series 30mm, a fully illuminated pushbutton switch that offers a smooth gloss finish, many different actuator and bezel colours, and can be pad printed or laser etched with over 100 different symbols (that meet the ISO 7000 standard “graphical symbols for use on equipment”).

The FP series 30mm (with a 30mm diameter bushing) also offers 7 different LED colours and 12V, 24V and 48V resistors, and can be ordered as momentary or latching, snap-in (this version requires a panel thickness of 1.5 to 2.5mm) or threaded bush mounting (1 to 9mm is required for this version) and single or double pole.

The highly visible, and large but lightweight pushbutton switches are ideal for vehicle dashboards, passenger and freight applications including tractors, buses, trucks and automotive, as well as defence, security and medical instrumentation. Contact Control Devices for more information.

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MSG toggle safety guards for harsh environments


APEM has released its new rugged MSG switch guards for the company’s 12000, 3500, 600H and 6000 series toggle switches.The MSG safety guard - comprising a thermoset cap and matt black, stainless steel support plate – prevent any inadvertent lever operation and are designed for harsh environments in defence, aeronautics, off-road vehicles, marine, for remote controls and industrial automation.

When the cap is raised, the lever can be operated freely. When the cap is fully depressed, the lever is reset/ locked in a stable position. The guards, which have a mechanical life of 20,000 cycles, are designed for use on switches with Ø11.9mm (.468) or Ø 12mm (.472) threaded bushing and lever lengths of 17.5mm (.688) outside the bushing.

Distinctive features include a large marking surface (for etched legends or symbols) and excellent handgrip even with gloves; resistance to hydrocarbons, acid, high temperature and saline environments; no distortion or breaking in case of crushing (double end stop); side switch guards that avoid inadvertent actuation; no risk of jamming (sand or dust cannot collect in the mobile parts) and seals that can be installed on all models to reinforce switch actuation control. The MSG switch guards are now available from Control Devices.

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New addition to thumb operated joysticks


APEM recently complemented its range of professional thumb operated joysticks for harsh environments with its new HS series thumbstick with 5-way centre pushbutton option.

The HS series thumbstick is a single pole, momentary-off-momentary, micro switching joystick, offering numerous button styles and 2-way, 4-way or 5-way operation. It is available with drop-in, rear mount or metal threaded housing options and sealed to IP68 and IP69K.

The HS series is a switch based version of APEM’s successful TS series, a Hall effect thumbstick available with eight different handle options and no-screw mounting. The range also includes the CW series thumbwheel, a proportional, miniature thumbwheel with expected life over 1 million cycles.

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Seika inclinometer carries CSA approval


Seika’s SB2I-CSA (Canadian Standards Association) is Intrinsically safe for Hazardous Locations to Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D: Ex ia IIC T4, making it highly suited for use in underground mining, petrochemical refineries and marine transfer operations (i.e. of petroleum products).Seika attained the CSA Certificate of Compliance for the SB2I in 2002. The Class/Division system is used predominately in the United States and Canada, whereas the rest of the world (including Australia) generally uses the Zone system.

The SB2I is a pressure die cast aluminium sensor housing (IP65 with saltwater proof coating) with two integrated sensors for measuring inclinations and / or accelerations along two axes. These sensors use a capacitive liquid based technique, and offer (in the case of Seika’s inclinometers) standard ranges from +/-10deg to +/-70deg and require a supply voltage of between 8 and 30 VDC.

As well as the sensors, the box contains two independent signal conditioners, each with a 4-20mA, 2-wire output (which is linear and proportional to the measuring angle. Non-linearity is within 0.2 percent of full-scale output and resolution is to within 0.002deg for a +/-10deg range.) and two separate, voltage supplies feeding off of the corresponding current loop, one for each sensor.

Furthermore, each signal conditioner includes an active low pass filter, whose upper cut-off frequency / setting time can be adjusted to suit the measurement task, an output stage with current limitation, a noise voltage filter and a diode bridge for unipolar connection to the current loop. Interference signals caused by unwanted ground currents are eliminated by electrically isolating each sensor and signal conditioner from each other and the housing.

The base of the SB2I enclosure measures approx 63.7mm x 97.7mm x 26mm with a 1.46mm high lip that mates with a groove in the lid that contains a gasket. The base is provided internally with four raised bosses to secure the circuit board. It is also provided with two through holes that can be used to mount the overall equipment. A cable entry is provided in the base for connection of the equipment to the supply circuit. The cable used may be a 3 or 4-wire cable and must be provided with a suitable cable entry gland.

Applications for the SB2I-CSA (in addition to the hazardous applications mentioned) are wide and varied, including for tilt measurement on platforms, cranes, agricultural machinery, railroad cars, oil rig or ship movement, robotics, road vehicle testing and general mechanical engineering.

Stainless steel encoder for the food industry


Lika Electronic of Italy has launched the I58SK incremental optical encoder for reliable measurements in demanding food and beverage-grade applications (for controlling pick ‘n place machines, packaging machines, conveyors and other food processing machines).

Available from Control Devices, the IP67-rated (IP65 shaft side) stainless steel encoder offers a 58-mm (housing diameter) clamp flange and 6 to 12-mm solid shaft.
The I58SK boasts a maximum 10,000 PPR resolution (2048 PPR for sine-cosine version) and 12,000 rpm shaft rotational speed. Cable and M23 connector outputs complete the electrical configuration.
The encoder is available in both square wave and sinusoidal versions and a wide choice of output circuits: NPN, PNP, Push-Pull, Line Driver, Universal Circuit as well as 1Vpp. It has protection against inversion of polarity and short circuit.

Power supply includes +5v (±5%), +10v, +5v and +30v (sine/cosine is only +5V±5%). Output current (each channel) is 40mA max. The encoder can withstand shock forces of 100g, 6ms and vibration levels of 10g (5-2000Hz), and has an operating temperature range from -40°C +100°C.

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New MEC caps with metal look - Ø30mm and 22x22mm


Danish PCB pushbutton switch manufacturer MEC (a subsidiary of APEM) has launched two new cap series for its Multimec 5G series PCB mounted switches: 10R/10RF/10RM and 10Q/10QM. 

The 10R/10RF/10RM is a 30mm round cap series: 10R has a slightly curved top, 10RF has a flat top and sharper edges while 10RM has a metal plate with illuminated legend and 1mm rim. The 10Q/10QM is a 22mm square cap series: 10Q has a flat top while 10QM has a metal plate with illuminated legend and 1mm rim.

Both cap series have two optional parts: spacer and sealing. The need for a spacer is dependant on the front panel thickness and the design of the application. In case of harsher environments, the sealing provides an opportunity of having the front panel sealed to IP67.
Both series are designed to be flush with the front panel to give a neat and aesthetic look to the application. They have a low building height of 11mm and activation functions no matter where you push on the cap.
The two series also provide many design options for illumination: full, reverse printed and metal legend; however, in order to have an even illumination, LEDs on the PCB are required, making it easy to customise your front panel design. There are eight standard colours: 7 solid colours and frosted white for illumination. In addition, there are four metal plates as well as positive and negative pad print. The new MEC caps are now available from Control Devices.

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EM58 PA fully programmable absolute encoder


Control Devices are pleased to announce the recent introduction of Lika Electronic’s new EM58 PA fully programmable absolute analogue encoder into the Australasian market.

The EM58 PA can be programmed to scale any value exactly as needed, in a range between very small fractions of a turn (with 12-bit single turn resolution) up to 16,384 turns, for an overall max. 16-bit resolution (65536 information), with ±0,02° accuracy.

A well-known linear or angular displacement can be precisely entered by setting a value ranging between 21 and 226. Any axis travel can be defined by simply setting the start and stop reference points with two mouse clicks, thanks to Lika’s user-friendly Teach-in procedure.

The encoder offers a full range of voltage and current outputs which can be programmed according to individual requirements: 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V, -5 to +5V, -10 to +10V, 4 to 20mA, 0 to 24mA and 4 to 24mA.

The EM58 PA is suitable for installation in a variety of industrial applications including in construction vehicles, construction equipment, building material machines, cranes, portal cranes and hoists, as well as integration into cable pulling mechanisms, such as Lika’s recently unveiled SF- series draw-wire unit. The EM58 PA joins the Lika HM58 PS 32-bit absolute programmable encoder with SSI serial output and HM58 PY-PN 28-bit absolute programmable encoder with bit parallel Push-Pull or NPN output.

The EM58 PA can be easily and freely programmed from any Windows pc using a software tool developed by Lika Electronic and offered at no charge. Connection to the encoder simply requires a USB serial cable pre-wired to mate with M23 12-pin and M12 12-pin connectors (cable option is also available). The software tool provides further multiple benefit features, allowing the user:

•        to set the overrun mode: signal level is kept low/high outside the
set axis travel
•        to set counting direction and zero-setting (hardware inputs also available)
•        to scale whatever cyclic travel, even though not a power of 2, aside
from the physical resolution of the encoder, without hitting any counting errors
•        The Fault output is designed to warn against a circuit interruption
when the current output is selected

The EM58 PA employs optical technology, thus is insensitive to magnetic fields and does not require batteries. Output connection can be either radial or axial for both cable and connector options.
Mechanically, it features standard 58-mm flange diameter housing with
IP67 protection (IP65 on shaft side) and both hollow (Ø 14, 15 mm) and solid (Ø 6, 8, 9.52, 10, 11, 12 mm) shafts. A wide variety of mounting solutions are available for quick, safe and low-cost installation.

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IP58 new incremental programmable encoder


Lika’s optical, high resolution IP58 incremental programmable encoder – now available from Control Devices - is designed to offer full programmability for high performance industrial automation systems and demanding applications.

Advanced programming features - including resolution, index pulse position, index pulse width and counting direction - allow users to set the encoder according to their specific needs. The pulse rate (or number of counts per revolution, or CPR) is freely selectable from 1 to 65,536 CPR via a free software tool supplied by Lika.

The position as well as the width of the index pulse (zero signal once per revolution as relative positioning reference) can be adjusted to suit the individual application requirements. Index pulse can be either synchronised with both A and B signals and have a duration of a quarter period, or synchronised with A signal only and have a duration of half a period. Remote zero can also be set up via dedicated input.

The IP58 incremental encoder further allows the setting of the counting direction: incremental count is made either when the disc is rotating in a clockwise direction ((i.e. when the rising edge of signal A leads the rising edge of channel B) or when the disc is rotating in a counter clockwise direction (i.e. when the rising edge of signal B leads the rising edge of channel A.

The +5 or 10-30VDC Universal output interface is another benefit: this well proven circuit is compatible with both Push-Pull and Line Driver circuits. It delivers square wave signals with complimentary outputs (AB0, AB0).

The IP58 comes in the standard 58mm flange diameter design. Hollow (⌀ 14 or 15mm) and solid shaft (⌀ 6, 8, 9.52, 10 or 12mm) are both available in a IP65 sealed housing.

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NVIS LEDs for Multimec 5G series switches


Danish PCB switch manufacturer MEC Switches (a subsidiary of APEM) is now offering Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) LEDs for its single pole Multimec 5G series pushbutton switches.

The LED, which is integrated into the switch, has a filter over it that manipulates the illumination wavelength making it NVIS compatible, which means the illumination is not disturbing one's sight when viewing with night vision goggles.

The display conformance for chromaticity and NVIS radiance is per MIL-STD-3009. Other NVIS illumination colours besides green, like white, yellow and red, are also available. Standard snap-on caps and accessories for 5G switches with a total height of at least 11.5mm can be used with the NVIS LED.

Curtiss-Wright launches new high strength joystick controller


Curtiss-Wright Corporation has announced its Industrial division (Penny + Giles) has introduced the JC8000, a new heavy-duty electronic joystick controller specially engineered with a number of high-strength features that make it ideal for applications such as skid steer loader controls or where operators traditionally use hydraulic joysticks.

The increased strength of the new JC8000 joystick controller has been achieved by increasing the body material around the area that supports the operating lever; increasing the operating lever’s diameter; and changing the lever’s pivot geometry. These fundamental changes have enabled the joystick to handle increased torque and improve the lever’s bending and applied loads.

The JC8000 can withstand a 240Nm overload on the X and Y axes and 5000N on the vertical. It has also been tested to more than 20 million operations (5 million cycles) under laboratory conditions with an expected mechanical life of 60 million operations (15 million cycles). With an under-panel depth of 78mm, the JC8000 is more compact than equivalent heavy duty joysticks and the choice of analogue (Vdc, dual redundant) or digital (PWM or CANbus J1939) outputs provides OEMs with an ideal opportunity to improve their vehicle control systems.


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