Ultrasonic Flow Sensors

Ultrasonic Flow Sensors

Ultrasonic Flow Sensors

Solid-state ultrasonic flow sensors for liquids and gases

The Gill Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Sensor is lightweight, compact and robust, designed to withstand extreme levels of vibration and typical temperatures usually encountered in motorsport, military, marine and industrial test and measurement applications.

The sensor uses our proven ultrasonic flow measurement technology to detect bi-directional pulsating fuel flow rate to a high degree of accuracy in real time, comparable with the very best Coriolis fuel flow devices but at a fraction of the size and weight.

With no mechanical moving parts within the flow path, pressure drop across the fuel flow sensor is minimised providing true flow rate data with little impact on the fuel flow itself. The removal of mechanical moving parts and bearings from the flow path also eliminates mechanical damping and allows much higher temporal resolution and accuracy for the capture and measurement of high frequency pulsating fuel flows. In addition, very low flows can be monitored (i.e around zero flow) to a consistent degree of accuracy.

The Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Sensor has been designed for use with all fuel types, including petroleum, gasoline, diesel and aggressive ethanol blends, and is capable of accurately recording flow rate from 0 to 8,000ml/min. With no moving parts to jam, break or wear out, the flow sensor provides extremely reliable operation even in the harshest of operating environments.

The fuel flow sensor features a newly-developed electronic platform, which integrates the latest FPGA technology capable of measuring fuel flow rate at 2KHz. The sensor provides CAN and four analogue output channels (Flow rate; Flow Direction; Fuel Temperature; Cumulative Fuel Used).

• Bi-directional Flow Measurement
• Analogue and CAN outputs
• Solid-state Ultrasonic Technology - Excellent Reliability
• 8000 ml/min max flow rate
• Highly Accurate with Low Pressure Drop
• Lightweight, Compact Design