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Bulk Material Level Switch

Bulk Material Level Switch

Solid-state level switch for granules, grain, powder, dust and other dry bulk materials. Particularly suited to agricultural and industrial hoppers and silos.

The Gill Bulk Materials Level Switch is a solid-state device, providing a switched output dependant on the presence or absence of dry bulk materials such as grain, granules, powder and dust in contact with the front aluminium sensing face. The switch output is an open collector signal that is pulled to ground when the sensor detects bulk material. The output floats when no material is detected.

The switch uses vibratory excitation to sense the presence of dry bulk material, with a flush sensing face designed to avoid entrapment of material. With no moving parts this technology ensures long-term reliability and maintenance-free operation, especially desirable in applications such industrial and agricultural hoppers, silos and storage bins where access is often remote and dangerous.
The Bulk Materials Level Switch is extremely durable and has been designed to withstand high impact and static loads that are often experienced in applications of this type. The switch is typically mounted to the inside wall of the container at key switching points (often at the low and high fill levels) and is capable of driving automotive relays or small incandescent lamps up to 3watts (approx).

• Solid state technology - excellent reliability
• Simple on/off switching operation for alarm or beacon operation
• Suitable for use with most dry bulk materials
• Robust design compatible with high impact & static loads
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