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  KAPPA Series
Multifunction 3 Displays - MODBUS RTU

 instrument designed to measure and totalize (weight, load, preasure, length, or DC current with external shunt) accepts transmitters like Load-Cell, Preasure transmitters, Potentiometers, Shunts, etc.
Specialy useful to measure Rate and total Flow or in Galvanic industry to control the quantity of Amperes giving a value related to the added matherial applied on metals
Functions most significant:

• ±9999 display points –9999999 to 99999999 Total
• High acquisition rate 100 samples / seg.
• Setpoints by Net1, Net2, Total or Mathematic value. 
• Direct access to setpoints programming.
• 26 Programmable logical functions.
• Arithmetical operations between inputs (+, -, x, /).
• Lineal or square root function on every physical channel..
• Up to 15 linearization points on every input.
• Integration time base on Second, Minutes, Hours or Days.
• Tare function by key or remote.
• Peak and valley detection included math channel 10ms min.
• Function Hold.
• Two bright level of display.
• ModBus RTU protocol.

Two scaling ways, manual or teach, level of filters selectable by key as well as the last digit resolution makes easy to adapt this instrument to the different kind of input signals.
Up to four independent Setpoints with possibility of Latch, Delay, High or Low, Hystéresis, normally open or normally closed and can be related to Net1, Net2, Math or Total.

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