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  BETA Series
Weight, load, force, torque with bridge sensor...

The BETA-M model is a digital multifunction instrument whose input option admits, as selected by the user, the following programmable input types :

• Process variables (mV, V, or mA)
• Pt100 Temperature sensors or Thermocouples J, K, T, R, S, E.
• Weight, load, force, torque with bridge sensor up to ±300mV.
• Displacement, linear potentiometer.
• 29 logical functions user selectables.
• Two kind of filters with 10 leves
• Average up to 200 readings.
• 3 rate of display.
Counting and totalising applications or as tachometer with totalizer

 is designed for counting and totalising applications or as tachometer with totalizer which accepts pulse signals generated by a wide range of sensors in the market.
With a 6 digits display you can visualize up to 3 partial counters and a 8 digits display where it is visualized simultaneously one of the three totals.
In the tachometer-totalizer case it is possible to measure the velocity in programmable units (Flow ) and the accumulated total at the same time (Cost).

Outstanding characteristics:

• Bi-directional counter with fase squaring X1, X2, X4.
• Independent multiplying factor per each channel.
• 2 physical inputs and 1 virtual input.
• Independent programming of unit/batch on each channel.
• Arithmetic operations between channels (+, -, x, / and %)
• Up to 3 totalizers.
• Tachometer with spinning direction indication.
• Setpoint programming direct access.
• 27 logical functions user programmable.
• Latch or Pulse relay function.
• ModBus RTU protocol.
• Batch counter per each channel.
• Slow-Down function.
• Track-auto function.
• Programming lockout by software (13 levels). 

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