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MT4 & MT6 Modular trackballs MT4 & MT6
Modular trackballs

Daco's modular trackballs are available in two versions, MT4 and MT6, both of which have a list of options that 
include different ball sizes, control buttons and interfaces. Of the two versions the MT4 has the higher specification and consequently most are used in military systems. Conversely, the MT6 is usually the first choice for commercial requirements although they are also used in less extreme military applications.

Key Features
• High reliability
• Very smooth action
• Quiet operation
• Extremely robust
• Low start up and operating force
MP1 Displacement Joysticks

Displacement Joysticks

Joysticks are the most suitable hand-controllers for dynamic applications such as the remote operation of 
a vehicle or camera tracking system. They are available in two basic forms; displacement or force sensitive. Displacement joysticks are by far the most common type and are what most people envisage when they consider joysticks. Force applied to the handle causes it to move over many degrees (usually between 20 and 30). This movement is detected and converted to an electrical signal by a potentiometer or a non-contacting technology device if a proportional output is required. If not, a simple switch arrangement is used.

Key Features
• Conductive plastic potentiometers
• Continuous resolution, high level, analogue output
• Choice of electrical interfaces
• Extremely rugged
• Wide operating temperature range
• Smooth action
MJ3 Force	Operated	Miniature	Joysticks

Force Operated Miniature Joysticks

Force sensitive or "stiff stick" joysticks use strain gauges to sense the force applied to a metal bar and covert it  into a proportional electrical output. Typically a movement of less than 1mm is needed to achieve full scale output. The lack of moving parts in this technology makes force joysticks inherently extremely reliable. Daco has tested its own products to 10,000,000 cycles, with each cycle being full scale in both +ve and -ve directions. A further benefit of force joysticks is that they require less space for mounting.

Key Features
• Force operated
• Small size
• Continuous resolution
• No moving parts
• High reliability
• Sealed to IP67
• Low weight
MG1 Control Grips

Control Grips

Daco's MG1 has been designed with versatility and availability in mind. To ensure short delivery times the painted aluminium grips are held in stock, pre-drilled to take a selection of trimmer switches, toggle switches,buttons, blanking plates or force operated miniature thumb-sticks. Using a standard options list you can determine which combination of these functions is installed in a grip and where each is positioned. Up to three thumb operated functions can be specified plus a finger operated trigger.

Key Features
• Wide operating temperature range
• Nearly 20,000 configurations possible
• Comfortable to use
• Compatible with Daco joystick bases
• Rugged
• High reliability
• Accepts up to 4 functions

DG200 Military "Gamespad" Controller DG200
Military "Gamespad" Controller

Gamepad style controllers are most often used for remote control of armoured vehicles orelectro-optical systems, finger-and-thumb displacement joysticks are a popular choice for naval command and control consoles and the yoke style, known as gunners' control handles, typically are used in armoured vehicles.
DP400 Yoke Controllers DP400
Yoke Controllers

Perhaps more than any others, hand controllers used in armoured fighting vehicles must be rugged. But other factors must also be considered such as space restrictions and a need to operate the hand controller even when the vehicle is moving.
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