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Other examples of custom projects include:

  • Designing a communications board to accommodate an analogue and digital joystick signal and transmitting     this on a RS485 bus, and with USB
  • Using two joysticks to control one valve (amplifier) with proportional flow control (Master-Slave setup)
  • Designing a miniature thumb joystick for auxiliary control on standard control grips
  • 3 axis proportional joystick for submersible ROV (with custom grip)
  • Upgrading the JC6000 industrial joystick to IP67
  • Designing custom pendant controllers
  • Designing a tachometer system with Ditel Frequency Meter and infra optical sensor
    Our custom designs

    We can design and manufacture custom control solutions for man-machine interfaces.  We can also provide solutions for problems such as an out-dated joystick controller – where we replace devices with new versions that mimic the original electrical output, mechanical functions as well as matching the crucial mechanical properties.

    We can also design and manufacture new application specific controls. If your project requires a specific controller interface then talk to us.  We can modify existing off the shelf designs or make entirely new and customised units to meet your requirements.

    We keep a large inventory of basic parts that we can use to create new functioning units usually with 3.5 days. This scenario is usually a situation where an existing joystick needs to be replaced with a new unit and a short time frame is critical. The basic parts allow us to create hundreds of iterations of controllers; chances are that we will be able to provide you with a solution.

    Our capabilities

    3D Cad Modelling, we use this skill to simulate the assembly and provide our customers with accurate drawing representation of the final product that they will receive. New designs can be thoroughly checked before going into production.

    3D Rapid Prototyping – we have the ability to provide our customers with one-off custom grip or enclosure or use our 3D plastic printer to create real models prior to mass manufacturing.

    Electronic and PCB design and manufacture – We can also provide customised electronics with the ability to design, layout and manufacture custom electronic solutions. We can provide custom CAN protocols, RS485, USB and various analogue outputs. We focus heavily on safety and robustness in our designs, ensuring that our product surpasses its life expectancy.

    CNC Machining – Many designs will require custom fitting engraving or face plate arrangement. We can provide these though out machine shop.

    How can we help?

    • If you have a controller that is no longer available from the OEM – We can help.
    • If the cost of your existing controller is prohibitive – We can help.
    • If the lead times for your existing controller are too long – We can help.
    • If you need a custom controller – We can help.
    • If you need customised control electronics – We can help.
        Beyond working closely with our customers to understand their requirements, our engineers frequently facilitate the implementation of projects by producing instructional videos (these can be viewed at http://www.controldeviceseng.com) on new products and custom solutions, as well as writing articles that help customers understand what they are getting and how a product can be put together. Our engineers also often visit companies to determine whether Control Devices’ products are suitable for a particular requirement.      
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