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CW Series  Revolutionary Hall effect

CW Series
Revolutionary Hall effect

The CW Series is a revolutionary Hall effect control wheel providing proportional control in one miniature axis. A spring return device, the CW is available with your choice of linear output options and wheel colors. Ideal applications include joystick, "gamepad", armrest and panel mount integration.

• Miniature design
• Designed for joysticks, armrest and panel mounting
• Proportional output
• Self-centering, single axis actuator
• Snap-in mounting

TS ThumbStick

TS Series

The TS Series Thumbstick is a proportional two axes joystick in a miniature package. Featuring non-contacting Hall effect technology for long life performance, the TS Series Thumbstick is available with multiple linear output options including single and dual (redundant) outputs. It is similar in size and operation to “gamepad” controls, but in a rugged industrial package. Typical applications include pendant and remote controls as well as joystick handle and arm rest integration.

• 1 or 2 Axis
• USB output options available
• Hall effect
• IP69K
• Rear or drop in mounting
• Optional function button 

TW HFX Thumbwheel

TW Series
HFX Thumbwheel

The TH Series is a heavy-duty Single Axis Throttle, friction-clutch device delivering continuous, dual-direction positioning control. Featuring high strength, hand-operated lever action and optional mechanical detents, the TH Series is ideal for applications requiring reliable off-highway operation. Available with several handle options which may accommodate either rear panel or drop-in mounting, widely used applications include forklift and lift-platform automation. The TH Series utilizes non-contact Hall effect technology and is available with dual output options.

• Rugged, hand operated control 
• Hall effect sensing
• Single axis friction clutch operation 
• Optional mechanical detents with microswitches 
• RoHS compliant 
• 10 million life cycles


TW HFX Thumbwheel

HR Series
Hall Effect Thumbwheel

The HR series thumbwheels allow reliable and precise proportional control. Developed to equip the handles of joysticks, remote controls and armrests in harsh environments, they are available with 4 different actuators. Backlighting and detent options (click in preset positions) are also available.

• Long life
• IP68 sealing against water and dust
• Backlighting and detent options
• EMI/RFI shielding
TW HFX Thumbwheel

HS Series
Micro Switching Joystick

The HS Series miniature joystick is a single pole, MOM-OFF-MOM micro switching joystick. Numerous button styles are available and the HS series may be specified for 2-way, 4-way and 5-way operation.

• 5-way with centre pushbutton option
• Positive tactile feedback
• Mom-off-momentary action
• Threaded bush mount option
• Sealed to IP68 and IP69
• Connectorized housing