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Membrane Switches

Membrane Switches

Membrane keypads carry out switching functions and enhance the final product with a tailored decorative appearance.

They can be directly connected to the electronic equipment by a flexible tail termination. They consist of several layers of polyester and adhesive.


Plus many more applications suitable for Membrane Switch Panels........


Backlighting Solutions Backlighting Solutions

Designed as an integral layer behind the front face graphic the electroluminescent film can be found in many automotive applications, navigation, marine and medical equipment, for operation in darkened areas or for night time use.
Transparent ink can be printed over the EL allowing any colour illumination to be produced.

LED backlighting either the keys or their background can be done by using single colour, bi-colour and RGB types. LED’s can be placed directly onto PCB keyboards or embedded into flexible keypads.

A01 Series 16mm Panel Mounting Industrial Controls

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel switchpanels are particularly resistant to harsh environments: extreme climatic conditions, vandalism, stains... etc . They consist of customised stainless steel single keys mounted in a front face. APEM develops and sells five series meeting EMC international standards and featuring good tactile feedback and IP65 front face sealing.

Technology and key shape make the difference between the series.

Car Park Systems
DDA Compliant

Plus many more applications suitable for Membrane Switch Panels........

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