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1WAS/1WDS/1WPS caps Ellipse shaped caps

Ellipse shaped caps

1WAS/1WDS/1WPS caps are in a shape of an ellipse. 1WAS and 1WDS have a rounded top, 1WPS cap has a convex top.


1WAS/1WPS: d1- 6.5 mm x d2-12.5 mm
1WDS: d1- 6.5 mm x d2- 15.2 mm 

Standard colours: 

1WAS/1WDS/1WPS solid colours: blue, grey, red, black, ultra blue, pigeon blue, aqua blue, metal light grey and metal dark grey
1WAS/1WDS/1WPS transparent colours: frosted white

Temperature range:

Solid cap: -40/+65oC
Transparent: -40/+85oC 
1WAS/1WDS/1WPS cap series is mounted on Multimec 5G series switches.


1TS/1US/1VS Soft line caps 1TS/1US/1VS
Soft line caps

1JS cap series is just 10.4 mm high with the Multimec 5G switch making it the lowest illuminated cap in MEC product range. the 1JS is Ø9,6mm. The cap is excellent for foil overlay. It was designed with soft edges in order to extend the lifetime of the foil.

Standard colours: 

1JS solid colours: blue, green, grey, yellow, white, red and black 
1JS transparent colours: transparent and frosted white 

Temperature range: 
Solid cap: -40/+65oC 
Transparent cap: -40/+85oC

Cap 1JS is mounted on Multimec 5G series switches. 


1NS Teardrop-shaped illuminated cap

Teardrop-shaped illuminated cap

1NS cap has an interesting shape and provides unique design options.

Standard colours:

1NS solid colours: blue, grey, yellow, red and black
1NS transparent colours: frosted blue, frosted green, frosted yellow, frosted white and frosted red

Temperature range:

Solid caps: -40/+65oC
Transparent caps: -40/+85oC
1NS cap is mounted on Mutlimec 5G switch.

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