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Motor Controllers
Industrial Electronics
Defence Electronics
Motor Controllers
Custom Design Products
Industrial instrument applications, Linear rotary and tilt displacement sensors, Joysticks, Optical encoders.
Panel meters and instrumentation.
Control grips, Displacement joysticks, Miniature force joysticks, Custom built hand controllers, Tracker balls, Trim, Transducer & Rotary Switches.
PG Drives Technology, formerly known as Penny & Giles Drives Technology, recognized supplier for industrial electric vehicle controllers, for applications such as: Floorcare Machines,  Materials Handling Trucks, Golf Carts, Utility Vehicles and Aerial Work Platforms.
Control Devices Engineering is a Division of Control Devices Group of Companies. We provide solutions where industry has left gaps. We build custom interfaces for man machine controls, items like custom joysticks, interface boards, custom harnesses.
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